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Size Guide

Nothing compares to the timeless appeal of a well fitted leather jacket in the world of fashion. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit, especially when it comes to measuring correctly for plus size winter coats and jackets. Understanding the nuances of leather jacket fitting, in addition to plus size options, is essential if you are looking for a sleek biker jacket or an old bomber.

We’ll show you step by step how to measure yourself for the ideal fit of a leather jacket, including the plus size jacket size guide, as well as how to interpret the sizing charts and choose the right style for your taste, in this comprehensive guide. Now, if you’re looking for a plus size option or even an ordinary sized outfit, let us dive into the secrets of how to find your perfect leather jacket fit.

But for a jacket to do its magic, it must fit well. An ill-fitting outfit looks like a hand-me-down, as we usually remark. So how do you calculate a jacket size? This is a comprehensive guide to jacket measurements that will assist you in taking accurate measurements of your chest and jacket lengths.

Prepare for winter with a versatile leather jacket that enhances your confidence. Learn how to measure for the perfect fit with our comprehensive size guide. Visit our website for more at The Leather Street.

How To Measure Yourself

The fit of your jacket is not the same as the fit of your other tops. Finding the perfect coat requires finding your exact fit. You must take precise measurements of several body parts, starting at the shoulders and ending at the waist, in order to achieve this.

Usually, each brand includes a sizing chart. To get a blazer that fits you well, compare its measurements to your own. These are the procedures you can use to obtain a precise fit.

Step 1: Take Off All Thick Apparel

You should gauge your body as closely as possible to avoid having inaccurate figures. Thick apparel can interfere with your measuring. It’s okay to have a shirt or T-shirt on, but a sweater or woolen waistcoat will cause inaccuracy.

Step 2: Find Out Your Bust Size

It’s easy to measure a man’s chest for a jacket if you’re wondering how to do so. Encircle the greatest part of your chest with the tape measure. Ensure that the tape is positioned evenly, firmly, and without tilt or skew.

You can increase the measurement by a few centimeters for a more relaxed fit. But be aware that the majority of manufacturers already cut the chest around ten centimeters longer than the estimated chest length. This explains why there is an imbalance in the ratio between your jacket and chest sizes.

Step 3: Tape Your Waistline

Your hip bone and rib cage are where your waistline is located. It’s over your belly button. Allow your tummy to settle before tapering your waist. After that, carefully and not too loosely wrap the tape around it. Verify that the tape is in line with the ground. Lastly, record the number at which the tape ends.

Step 4: Determine Your Shoulder Length

Start by standing straight and relaxing your shoulders. Then, across your back, extend the tape horizontally from the point of one shoulder to the other. And there you are, standing shoulder-length apart.

The shoulder length should be accurate, because the jacket would otherwise not sit flat on your shoulders and would have rumples formed in the sleeves.

Step 5: Get Your Arm/Sleeve Length

You’re going to need assistance from someone to obtain this. Lift your arm to a 45-degree angle and position the upper end of the tape in the center of your underarm. Stretch the tape to the carpal bone along the arm. Your arm or sleeve length is this.

Step 6: Size Up Your Hips

Run the measuring strip around the largest area of your pelvis. Noting the number can be a little difficult, so you can have someone else do it for you.

Step 7: Find Your Desired Length

You should carefully determine the length of the jacket you want, whether it’s cropped to terminate just above your hip bone or longer. To do that, begin at the nape of your neck and work your way down to the jacket’s desired ending.

Step 8: Go Get Your Coat

You will never have a jacket that fits poorly now that you have all the crucial measurements. Determine whether a small, medium, or large size will fit you best by comparing the numbers you wrote down with the size table supplied by the brand you are purchasing your jacket from.

How To Find A Jacket Size

These are five easy procedures that you can use to get exact measures for a coat that you want to measure.

Step 1: Get The Coat Length

For an exact leather jacket size, begin immediately below the collar and go down to the bottom. This figure may serve as a quick leather jacket size guide to find blazers of the same length.

Step 2: Get The Jacket Chest Size

To get the jacket chest size, find the length of the chest from one armpit to the other. Double the number you get, and that’s chest length.

Step 3: Compare With The Leather Jacket Sizing Guide

Every brand has its own leather jacket sizing guide, so you always want to match your jacket measurements with it to get the right coat.

Step 4: Get The Sleeve Length

For this, turn the jacket over and record the length from the middle of the collar to the cuff.

Step 5: Get The Shoulder Length

Keep the blazer with the backside up and go from the end of one shoulder to the other. Make sure the jacket is flattened out so that you don’t end up with incorrect figures.

Original Leather Jackets

If you are a fan of original leather jackets, here are some that will best wrap you this winter.

Biker Slim Fit Rider Original Cow Leather Jacket

Eagle Original Cow Leather Motorcycle Jacket

You must own this item if you’re inspired by the tough style from the McQueen era. This coat is the ideal moto jacket since it has shoulder straps that are snapped down and a lapel collar.

Men's Super Original Cow Leather Straight Zipper Jacket

This is a classic, elegant jacket that you will want to wear for years to come. It has a broad stand collar and two side pockets. The cozy and secure fleece lining will keep you warm.

Guerrilla Original Cow Leather Hood Jacket

During the severe winters, this hooded jacket will prove to be your ideal protection clothing. Wear it for a comfortable ride this winter.
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