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Leather Coat

Leather Coat

Men’s Leather Coats: Styles, Colors, and Attention

Long leather coats, a classic, hardy, and fashionable addition to any wardrobe, are now available at The Leather Street. Made from premium tanned cowhide, they provide protection and style. These coats get cozier with time, fitting the wearer’s distinct figure and way of life. With each stitch in our collection, which features classic design and fine craftsmanship, you can elevate any look. Discover the timeless allure and undeniable charm of our long leather coats—a veritable embodiment of fashion and toughness.

Luxury Styles of Men’s Leather Coat

Biker Jacket: Typically a shorter coat with an asymmetrical zip, bikers made this style famous, but the fashion world has since embraced it. They often come with wide lapels, metal hardware, and zippered pockets.

Bomber Jacket: Bomber jackets are waist-length, have a zippered front, and often feature soft, ribbed cuffs and hem. They may also have a shearling collar or lining.

Suede Leather Coat: This style is longer, often reaching down to the knees or even further. Suede leather coats are a modern twist on the classic trench made famous in Britain. They usually come with a belt and might have a double-breasted design.

Peacoat: A leather peacoat is a fresh take on the naval-inspired design.

Ultimate Colors of Men’s Leather Coat

Black Leather Coat: The black leather coat symbolizes effortless style, timeless elegance, and urban sophistication. A black leather coat can come in various types – from the edgy biker jacket with asymmetrical zippers and studded details to the sleek and elongated trench coat, which oozes elegance.

Brown Leather Coat: Brown leather coat remains a favored choice for many fashion enthusiasts. Perfect for those who seek a blend of classic and contemporary, this coat remains a cherished garment in the annals of fashion.

Coffee Leather Coat: A coffee leather coat stands out in the vast world of leather apparel. While black and brown leather coats are classics, a coffee shade brings a fresh and modern twist to this timeless garment, offering a unique statement for those wishing to differentiate their style.


What is the best way to care for a leather coat?

To care for a leather coat, it’s essential to keep it clean and conditioned regularly. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or stains, and then apply a leather conditioner to keep the material supple and hydrated. Avoid exposing your leather coat to extreme temperatures or prolonged sunlight, as this can cause the material to dry out and crack.

Can I wear a leather coat in the rain?

While leather is naturally water-resistant to some extent, it’s not entirely waterproof. If you’re caught in a light rain shower, your leather coat should be fine. However, it’s best to avoid wearing it in heavy downpours or prolonged exposure to moisture, as this can damage the material and affect its durability.

How do I choose the right size leather coat?

When choosing a leather coat, it’s essential to consider both your body measurements and the style of the coat. Leather coats typically have a snug fit, so you may need to size up compared to your regular outerwear. It’s also a good idea to try on different styles and brands to find the perfect fit for your body type and personal preferences.

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