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Finding Your Perfect Leather Bomber Jacket

The leather bomber jacket is a timeless item of American outerwear that projects strength, style, and adventure on the man wearing it. It began life as a flight jacket for American pilots in World War II. How do you pick the best men’s leather bomber jacket for you when there are so many popular versions of the original military jacket type used by military pilots? For a timeless look, men’s coats from designer brands don’t have to break the bank. To make your life easier, there are a few pointers and strategies to consider while selecting your coats and jackets. 

You’ll be better off considering the fit, color, kind of leather, and general style of the jacket you choose because high-quality leather doesn’t come cheap. Cheap leather wears out quickly, leaving a lot of disappointment, and tailoring leather is expensive and challenging. A quality leather jacket is timeless and suitable for practically any setting.

You should take a few factors into account while selecting the ideal leather bomber jacket for you. 

What weather conditions do I want to use this jacket in?

Numerous leather bombers are available in airy, sporty designs. Not only does the leather have a light material lining, but it is also flexible and doesn’t require breaking in. The jacket may even have a hood, and its shape and design are more fitting for a baseball player than a pilot. These are ideal for men who reside in warmer areas or who have an athletic edge to their appearance.

Some jackets have a quilted textile lining that increases the jacket’s warmth. It’s also possible that the leather is heavier and more durable. 

The traditional leather bomber with shearling lining is even cozier. Given its warmth and ability to survive the weather, this jacket is ideal for colder climates. This leather bomber jacket is what you need if you want a timeless, tough style that will keep you warm throughout the winter.

Although cowhide leather is most frequently used for jackets, if you’re searching for a different texture and feel, you should definitely check out bison, steer, pig, or lambskin, among the many other hide options available. 

Which Style Am I Attempting to Recreate with My Fashion?

Any outfit may be made to stand out with a tough confidence by using leather jackets. Certain fashions, such as motorcycle or biker jackets, give men the appearance of rebels without a cause. Despite the bomber’s apparent motorcycle riding, he appears more like Indiana Jones or Top Gun and less like James Dean. Leather Bomber jackets are closely modeled from the types of jackets used by military pilots, and they exude an air of sophistication but risk-taking. Add even more flair to the military heritage with some fashionable boots in the military design.

Leather Bomber jackets are not merely functional clothing; they are available in a variety of cuts. The original was intended to be securely fitted around the hips using elastic, closely emulating the contours of the body to provide optimal mobility for the wearer. However, you can find numerous bigger cuts that might fit your style better. If you like to wear huge or baggy shirts and sweaters, then you’ll want to go for one of these wider cuts. It’s trendy with some styles of leather jackets, like a motorcycle jacket, to let your longer t-shirt hang below the bottom of it, but not with the bomber. Keep whatever shirt you’re wearing underneath and inside of the jacket.

Do I want black, brown, or another colored leather?

Originally, leather bomber jackets were brown to match military uniforms. Brown leather gives the feeling of a working, active man. You can find a lot of brown leather that already looks worn, making you appear even more like you spend your free time fixing engines or discovering hidden tombs.

Black leather still carries with it a rebellious, bad boy spirit. Black leather bomber jackets are associated with smart, urban living. The kind of guy who knows his way around things, can hack any problem, and knows where the best nightclub is, would naturally go with a black over a brown bomber.

You can also find plenty of less conventional colors, like maroon, blue, green etc. If you want a statement piece rather than an everyday jacket, then maybe a strong color is what you’re looking for.

How Do I Wear It?

Leather jackets don’t need a lot of dressing up to look stylish. Even with just a simple t-shirt, well cut jeans, and a pair of boots you’ll be dressed for a range of occasions. The most important thing to remember is that your jacket should fit you right and everything in the rest of your outfit is in good condition. If your clothes are unclean and falling apart, there’s little a high quality leather jacket can do for you. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

For instance if the struggling artist vibe is what you’re intending to give off, some rips in your shirt could pull everything together. As for fit, if the jacket is too big and makes you look like you dug into your dad’s closet, or too small and you look like you were in your girlfriend’s closet, the appearance that you’re a man in control of your life will be lost. Unlike a lot of other clothes, leather isn’t easy to tailor, so be extra mindful of how things fit when trying jackets on.


Take care not to overthink the styling of the ensemble you pair your leather jacket with. Despite the fact that these coats are frequently associated with boring, monochrome outfits, you may wear any beautiful pair of jeans, plain leather boots, or warm flannel you already own to appear put together.

Unless you’re truly getting on a motorcycle, resist the urge to stroll outside wearing full black leather. While you can definitely put together some striking looks wearing all leather, you’ll find that your closet’s supply of button ups and hoodies work well to create a little dressier but still approachable everyday style.

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